Flipping Out Clock - Black Text

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This open clock has flips that fall as the minutes go by, the flip clock mechanism it’s easy to admire from the sides.  The clock can be hanged on the wall or used as a table, shelf, or mantel clock.  We like the retro clock influence and for now, this is our response to a digital wall clock.

This clock will catch the attention of your visitors.  The exposed mechanism lets you see the inner working of the clocks.  In the store we see people stop and wait a whole minute to see it flip and go grab a friend to show them.   

The Design incorporates the retro flips similar to the ones on the train station boards and brings them in a sleek open casing.  Adapting an old technology to a new function.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 14.17 x 3.3 inch

Requires 1 D battery (not included)